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Curtain Motor


Communication: Zigbee/BLE Mesh. Wireless Frequency: 433.925MHz. Size: 322×70×51mm. Power: 13W (No-load Power: ≤10W). Torque: ≥1.2 N.m; Speed: 14cm/s. Serial: Baud rate 9600, data bits 8, stop bit 1, check bit 0.
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SSupport voice control/mobile APP control
Manual automatic operation/linkage scenario
/timed opening and closing.


High-end apartments or other commercial Spaces that require smart curtains


APP Control

APP system can be customized,
Meet customers' ultimate pursuit of smart home.

Automatic mode

Self-defined by mobile APP, open and close the curtains according to daily work and rest, and the sunshine will gently illuminate the house in the early morning.

Running stable and quiet

Light and comfortable without noise, light and shadow move according to one's heart, with the whole house to create a comfortable light luxury life.

Voice control, no need to walk

By voice control curtain motor open and close, completely free hands, let you lying down can enjoy the ultimate experience.

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