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    Topband major events in 2021

    Website:www.tp-led.com     Date:2022-01-04

    Looking back at 2021, it was another extraordinary year. This year, light and darkness coexist, hope and despair coexist. In this year, Covid-19 still rages, people around the world continue facing the epidemic bravely and boldly; In this year, the global market remains unpredictable, where there is opportunity, where there is also challenges. In the past 2021, Topband overcome obstacles and went against the current, carrying the mission of "Create value for customers with intelligent technology, benefiting everyone", to create a smarter and more beautiful future.


    What are the major events of Topband worth remembering in 2021


    January: Acquired Taixing Ninghui Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. to continuously expand the business market in the Yangtze River Delta region.


    February: Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification again, which is the further recognition of Topband's scientific research capabilities and technology management


    March: won the AEW Award, which is known as the 'Oscar” in the field of global smart life.


    In the same month, reached a strategic cooperation intention with Panasonic Global Procurement (China) Co., Ltd.


    April: Passed the ISO 27001 certification, symbolizing that IoT business has reached international standards in terms of information security management, and could provide more secure and efficient services to global customers in all aspects.


    May: Won the 7th 'International Reputation Brand' award, further expanding Topband's international influence in the field of intelligent control.


    June: '2021 China Manufacturing Hidden Champion', representing the high-quality progress and development of Topband's manufacturing ability.


    July: The self-developed 'Smart Commercial Lighting APP T-Smart Light' was launched for the first time, empowering the field of smart commercial lighting.


    August: The self-developed 'Smart Home Lighting APP iSmart' was online for the first time, empowering the smart home lighting space.


    September: Titled with The 15th China Listed Company Value Selection 'A-Share Listed Company Social Responsibility Award', Topband has always actively assumed social responsibility and promoted the common development of society.


    At the same time, got The Fifth 'Shenzhen Industry Awards' for the contribution to the construction of Shenzhen industry.


    October: Listed on the 'Major Events in Guangdong Province's Trade Secret Protection in 2020' and won the title of 'Pilot Demonstration Enterprise for Trade Secret Protection'


    Besides, Topband passed Shenzhen Customs AEO advanced certification to support import and export trade.


    November: Awarded the 2021 Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Strategic Emerging Industry 'Top 50 Leading Companies', continuing to lead the sustainable development of high-tech manufacturing enterprises

    What’s more, T-Smart Light passed NLC5.0 certification, as the first company in China and the 23rd in the world.


    December: Planning to invest 5 billion yuan in the construction of a lithium battery project, committing to multi-business and multi-track development mode.


    Until 2022, Topband has been established for 26 years. Looking forward to future, Topband will seize more opportunity to create a customer-centric process organization, build the core technical capabilities, accelerate the trend of social intelligence, and provide reliable intelligent control technology and services for every customer in the world.

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