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    In the smart lighting era,
    how traditional LED sellers find their way?

    Website:www.tp-led.com     Date:2021-09-14

    Intelligent lighting makes the traditional LED sellers feel anxious, because there are a large number of intelligent programmers and intelligent brands and their agents to join the lighting market, which is a descending hit for them. Intelligence is an essential factor in the decoration. It is expected that smart home appliance will occur in every family. Lighting is an outstanding manifestation of intelligence, creating a variety of scenes with a unique lifestyle. In the lighting industry, traditional LED sellers and intelligent lighting service providers could also establish cooperation.


    The new market pattern requires each link of the lighting industry chain to have new competitive capabilities to ensure the steady development of their business, and intelligent cross-border lighting is easier than lighting cross-border intelligence, so the market is bound to see an era of great integration.


    Topband LED is one of departments of Shenzhen Topband Co., Ltd, which takes 'smart lighting solutions' as the core and focuses on the development and production of intelligent lighting devices, intelligent sensors, door magnets, switches, etc. Recently, Topband LED launched a number of commercial lighting products, such as light panels, line lights, panel lamps, etc. which can be connected with the T-Smart Light system. For more lighting knowledge, please contact sales@tp-led.com.

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