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    Bluetooth mesh, Wi-Fi and Zigbee,which is the best lighting protocols ?

    Website:www.tp-led.com     Date:2021-08-10

    Bluetooth mesh, Wi-Fi and Zigbee, among the 3 most popular protocols used in the smart lighting industry, each of them has its own share of advantages and drawbacks. Each of them is more suitable for a different purpose. It is important to make an appropriate analysis prior to making a commitment to either of the protocols, given the intra-protocol interoperability still has to come a long way before it can connect all users. The chart will help you differentiate the difference of these three protocols.


    Zigbee, for example, has a better application in a home setup, where a large number of different devices are connected in a relatively small area; Wi-Fi technology is currently governed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, it transmits data at 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies at a high speed, making the technology suitable for streaming large amounts of data over short periods, such as HD video streaming. While technology like Bluetooth Mesh has an advantage in more industrial setup, such as a school, a hospital, a shopping mall or an office building, which require zoning and separate setups for each type of zone, as well as automated dimming depending on time of a day, to maximize savings.


    It is hard to give the answer that which lighting protocol is the best, because it is important to consider many metrics, such as cost, scalability, interoperability, efficiency, and security. But bluetooth mesh is indeed the most welcomed in lighting industry.

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