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    One-Stop Smart Lighting
    Solution For Home
    Smart Home Lighting

    for A Well-lit Life

    TOPBAND smart home lighting system creates any customized scene you want. The complete lighting control for your whole home at your fingertips. 

    Function Introduction

    Brightness adjustment
    CCT adjustment
    Color change
    Scene set
    Group control
    Music syncs
    Light to sleep
    Light to wake
    Set to schedule
    Voice control
    Warm, Colorful and Dimmable Life

    It's much more than just dimming. Choose from  a wide range of CCT settings, allowing you to adapt your home to suit your unique needs and style. Experience endless lighting possibilities with the multicolor smart light-16 million colors. Use simple voice commands to control these lights with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

    Various Lighting Lamps or Fixtures for Choice

    The indoor smart home lighting system is scalable, almost every lamp or fixture can be added into this system: LED bulb, LED down light, LED spot light, LED strip light, LED track light system ( LED spot light, LED grille light , LED linear light). Smart APP or voice commands them. That's amazing!

    Set the Lights to You

    You like bright light while others like dim light - but both you hate adjusting every bulb each time. Solve both problems with T-Smart. Create multiple scenes with different settings and tap yours when you want the light your way. Match your mood and feelings.

    Good Night

    Turn off all your lights, or
    keep a few on for moving easily in the night.

    Dinner Scene

    Create an intimate and cozy
    atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

    Party Scene

    Warm, low lighting adds
    a romantic touch to date night.

    Theater Scene

    Lower the lights to immerse
    yourself in a film.

    Related Products

    TOPBAND smart home lighting products cover almost everywhere in one house: modern LED down light and spot light recessed in the ceiling, waterproof LED strip light in the bathroom or down the stairs, RGB+CW LED bulb in the kitchen or room, track light in the corridor. No need of Hub, you can smart home at your will.

    TOPBAND T-Smart loT system

    Changing your entire home

    The T-Smart loT system includes the LED lighting lamps or fixtures, the sockets, switches, cameras, locks, curtains, air conditioners, sweeping robots and more. One-stop solution for the whole household applications.

    Customized Service Available

    From cold light to warm light, from bright to dim, and colorful light make your daily life full of magical experience. TOPBAND smart home lighting is open, so it works with everyone: general users, smart lighting enthusiasts, or technicians. Any customized requirements are welcomed. "Co-innovating a smarter future" is not just a mouthing empty tagline. Let's achieve the smarter and healthy future together!

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