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    Wireless Smart Commercial Lighting  
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    Wireless Lighting Control Solution

    for new & existing commercial buildings

    In today's increasingly connected world, the race is on to be leaner, faster, smarter, better. Based on TOPBAND intelligent control technology, T-smart system combines smart luminaires with smart buildings, all with the promise of new opportunities. Redefine smart lighting by making it so intuitive and simple.

    Wireless Commercial Lighting Solution

    TOPBAND T-Smart is a simple, scalable, wireless control that can be installed in a single space or throughout an entire building. Easy to use, T-Smart can reduce energy consumption and enhance occupant convenience. Ideal for any indoor applications.

    Main Advantages

    for smart commercial lighting system

    Energy Conservation

    Compared with traditional high energy-consuming incandescent lamps or fluorescent luminaires, TOPBAND T-Smart is designed to meet today's energy saving demands. It can be used in new construction or retrofit situations.

    Efficiency Improvement

    TOPBAND wireless smart commercial lighting system avoids the need to run wiring and couduit through multiple walls and ceilings. Preset lighting layout and luminaires' parameters, reducing on-site installation time.

    Control Flexible

    TOPBAND T-smart Light is in tune with the needs of your requirements. Flexible control methods: local switch or smart APP remote control. When one luminaire is triggered, luminaires in this group are reacted.

    Human Centric

    Lighting isn't just illumination. It's a powerful philosophy that supports well-being, comfort, and productivity. TOPBAND wireless lighting system approaches to human centric lighting, focusing on the human experience.

    Function Introduction

    Networking of luminaires and devices
    Occupancy sensing
    Daylight harvesting
    Zoning performance
    Individual addressability
    Continuous dimming
    Set your schedule
    Luminaires linkage
    Energy monitoring
    Scene control
    Upgrade OTA
    Automatic calibration
    Smart Lighting Ecosystem

    Build Intelligent Environment

    With dozens of integrations already complete, TOPBAND T-Smart provides a full range of  fixtures, sensors and switches and smart module. We build a unique and stable Mesh platform based on Bluetooth technology. Easy to install, use and change.
    Solutions for Every Commercial Place

    Upgrade from the traditional lighting to TOPBAND latest smart lighting solution, you can enjoy energy savings. Provide high-quality illumination, improve the workspace and increase performance in offices, schools, retails, hospitals and other indoor places.

    Meeting room
    Product Portfolio

    With a wide family of products including LED luminaires, sensors, switch, and smart power supply, TOPBAND T-Smart provides the flexibility to select the products you want and handle any on-site challenges with ease.

    Smart fixtures
    Lighting Controls
    TOPBAND Scales to Your Needs

    The easiest lighting control solution to design, install and use. Utilize the ecosystem of leading luminaires, sensors, switches and lighting control module manufacturers, achieve unprecedented lighting control and cut lighting-related energy savings. Topband will stick to "Agility, Innovation, Partnership" slogan, keep on smart lighting control development, and provide worldwide customers better products and services.

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