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Team Building Of LED Business Unit in 2015

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In order to improve the overall quality and coordination ability of the LED division team, the LED business team began two days of training from Mar.6-7.

We reached the training base Xichong after 2 hours by bus. First the trainer introduced this activity, and then the general manager of LED unit Huang Chen presented the “Empty cup theory” to start this training.

After that, the training teacher Yang guided us played qimei stick. We experienced 2 challenge and won the success finally. It’s easy game, but why can’t reach the target? The coach didn’t explain more about the game, but we still understood the deeply principle by observing the training, we need act together as a team, and the unity of thinking and action.

Then, all of us had been divided 3 team, elected the team leader and secretary, and named them as “sunshine team”, “dragon team” and “lanneret team”. The first formal game was “bridge on the air”, you would pass the challenge after jump across the bride which width is 1.5m-2m at the altitude 8m. the most terrible thing is your imagination, when we are in trouble, just face it, then you will find that the difficult is not so strong as you thought.

The second game was “double decoding”, that ask the team member turn over a row of cards within the stipulated time.
That still asked all of team member should be work and think together. Every department also is a team at work, if we can cooperate for the same target, the efficiency of the team must be improved.

Coach arranged personality test that night, to learn more about ourselves and the colleagues. Tiger, peacock, owl and koala replace different 4 kinds of personality. Different personality has different feature, advantage and weakness, we communicate with each other can depends on their personality to reach the best result.

The next day, the activity was directional motion, just like Adventure treasure hunt and search. the lanneret team get the champion. Fighting with passion and innovation to win-win! This is our LED unit’s goal. We will be better team through this training.  

Also we made a wintersweet picture to congratulate and record this training. We have the confidence to get outstanding  

Achievement by efficiency team work!