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TOPBAND Central Laboratory Have Approved By CNAS

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In July China National Accreditation Board (the English name "China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment", following the abbreviation "CNAS") come to our company for site assessment, by November 24 the central laboratory have successful approved by CNAS with a certificate, the certificate content as the following: 

hereby certify that :Shenzhen Topband central laboratory meet standards ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 "testing and calibration laboratories General Requirements" (CNAS-CL01 "Testing and Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Guidelines") requirements, have the ability to offer the testing services which acceptable by CNAS national laboratory. (Details can be found at China National Accreditation Commission official website ( 

Name of Institute: Shenzhen Topband central laboratory Address: Topband building Liyuan Industrial Park,Tangtou Shiyan Town Bao'an District Shenzhen China Postal code :518108 registered number: CNAS L7275 The date of issue CNAS is an organization approved by National Notarization and Approval Supervision Committee, with strict access principles. With the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization (ILAC), the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Organization (APLAC), Pacific Accreditation Organization (PAC), etc., signed a mutual recognition agreement. being recognized by CNAS ,, meaning member states signed a mutual recognition agreement Organization, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan and other global 71 countries and economies in laboratory accreditation bodies recognized, with a international mutual recognition . 

Until 2013, the Central Laboratory based on“ the science and technology, objectivity and fairness, the standard controllable and data can be traced " principle, work with the international branch to detection and analysis, get CNAS accreditation, indicating the Central Laboratory have technical test ability of an international recognized testing standard, enhance the competitiveness of the company: 

1, Short cycle times of confirmed sample: Central Laboratory can provided a test reports stamped CNAS logo within the scope of accreditation, shorten the company's products test cycle. 

2,Cost saving: our central laboratory test reports can replace of the third-party institution or organization test report 

3, speciality: the company's products development, design, manufacturing, quality assurance and other chains will base on standardized operation, it have enhance the competitiveness of our products. 

4,The company's central laboratory obtain CNAS approved, meaning the company's laboratory test ability and management has taken a substantial step up to international standards.